“Having never played tennis before in my life, I started lessons with Paul and within a short period of time he has taught me all of the fundamentals of the game. He is thoughtful and patient with his teaching. Analysing and assessing every aspect, correcting my mistakes and helping me to improve quickly with every lesson, he really is a great coach”

“Paul has coached all of our family and his lessons are always enjoyable with a great mixture of technique and tactics, without him the kids wouldn’t be as keen to play as they now are!”

“I’ve been working with Paul on my game for the last two years. He’s an amazing coach who loves his job. He’s focused on every aspect, technically, tactically as well as the mental side, he has improved my match play and taken my game to where I am competing at a higher level – Thank you!”

“Both my girls have been training at the club for a few years now with Paul. He brings his skill and enthusiasm to every training session, making them not only focused with a goal of improving performance and technique, but the sessions are also a lot of fun”

“Paul is an outstanding tennis coach and his good humour and positive outlook makes him a great motivator. Every lesson is a wonderful learning experience. What you see is that a tiny little change here, a small adjustment there really makes wonders to your game and it’s all great fun, you do want to learn from the best”

“Paul’s enthusiasm and energy have inspired my children to play more tennis. He’s very adept at making them feel good about their tennis and enjoying their lessons.”

“I was extremely fortunate to find Paul Salter at my local club in East Finchley. There is real method to his approach, he is a great communicator and a fine motivator enabling tennis lessons to lift the spirits”.

“Paul is an outstanding tennis coach and has been a great motivator for our son. Thanks to him our teenagers’ performance, confidence and attitude towards sport has been greatly boosted. He always says that the lessons are fun and full of energy. He loves his classes and never misses a practice”.